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For vendors interested in providing materials or construction services for the Regina crush facility construction project, please register your interest and capabilities via the form below. Only applicants of interest will be contacted.
Viterra Regina Crush Project Form

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Grain Merchandising Contacts

Ryan Motl
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Phone: 402.889.4077
Email: ryan.motl@viterra.com

Coleman Frost
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Phone: 402.889.4171
Email: coleman.frost@viterra.com

Jason Hofer
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Phone: 402.889.4131
Email: jason.hofer@viterra.com

Shawn Hulm
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Phone: 402.889.4461
Email: shawn.hulm@viterra.com 

Scott Arnold
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone: 306.569.6606
Email:  scott.arnold@viterra.com

David Haines
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone: 306.569.4554
Email: david.haines@viterra.com

Quinton Stewart
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone: 306.569.4081
Email: quinton.stewart@viterra.com 

Landon Cross
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone: 306.569.4785
Email:  landon.cross@viterra.com

Quinton Stewart
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone: 306.569.4081
Email:  quinton.stewart@viterra.com

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Special Crops Facilities & Procurement Contacts

Mallory Goff
Minot Pulse
Minot, North Dakota, USA
Phone: 701.837.4777
Fax: 701.852.1466
Email:  mallory.goff@viterra.com

Robert Rylander
Northgate, North Dakota, USA
Phone: 701.596.3488
Fax: 701.596.3388
Email: robert.rylander@viterra.com

Wendy Shand
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone: 306.569.4019
Email:  wendy.shand@viterra.com

Brett Takvam
Carman Bean
Carman, Manitoba, USA
Phone: 204.750.2599
Email: brett.takvam@viterra.com

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