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Health & Safety

At Viterra we believe that healthy people are productive people. The company demonstrates its respect for employees, contractors, customers and visitors by keeping health and safety top of mind. Through a rigorous set of policies, procedures, expectations and objectives, Viterra makes its commitment to health and safety felt. We manage all of our operations in a manner consistent with industry best practices and in compliance with our Environment, Health & Safety Policy, and we have the training programs, tools and equipment in place to ensure that our personnel has what they need to work safely. By regularly establishing new EH&S targets within our operations, Viterra has fostered a strong safety culture that is only getting stronger.

SafeAgri is our global health and safety program, focused on eliminating fatalities, preventing injuries and improving our safety culture. Through SafeAgri, we aim to bring about long-term sustainable change by giving everyone the knowledge and tools they need to create safe workplaces and to perform their work safely.

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