Grower Programs

Clearfield & Nexera Clearfield

When you sign up for Viterra’s Clearfield and Nexera CL canola programs, you’ll receive:

  • Significant basis premiums,
  • On farm pick-up and year-round delivery options,
  • Full Act of God coverage on the basis portion of your contract, and;
  • Peace of mind knowing we'll take 100% of your specialty canola production.

You will also be supporting growing global demand for expeller-pressed canola oil, as consumers continue to look for healthier food options. Our canola crush plants in Ste. Agathe, Manitoba, and Warden, Washington, help support this growing demand in the natural food segment and connect your product with markets around the world.

There are many varieties available in the Clearfield and Nexera CL portfolios that make excellent choices for your canola acres, and will provide you with the following agronomic benefits:

  • Controls glyphosate-resistant weeds
  • The only system that delivers control of flushing weeds
  • Manages volunteer canola from other systems – Liberty Link & Roundup Ready
  • Single in-crop application for weeds
  • Offers blackleg and clubroot resistance
  • Increased standability for straight cutting
  • High-yielding

It’s easy to sign up! To learn more, talk to your Viterra Representative today.

This video features the Viterra Warden crush facility, an expeller-press canola processing facility that allows us to produce a variety of healthy canola oils to meet demand from leading food manufacturers and distributors. This video was created in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Canola Association.

Earn more revenue per acre growing Clearfield and Nexera Clearfield (CL) canola with Viterra!

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