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Grower Programs

Special Crops Contracts

At Viterra, we work to gain access to new and growing markets so we can provide producers with more opportunities. When you work with Viterra, you can take pride in knowing that you are producing healthy crops that meet the stringent quality specifications of leading global food manufacturers. 

Viterra buys special crops and pulses grown in the United States and Canada. We also provide production contracts, deferred delivery contracts and spot sales opportunities that reflect your market opportunity.

Through our twelve processing facilities, our experienced professionals work to originate, process and merchandise various market classes of special crops, including:

Dry peas: yellow, green
Dry beans: pinto, navy, black, Great Northern, reds, light red kidney, yellow, pink
Mustard: yellow, brown, oriental
Lentils: green and red; various sizes
Specialty Oats

For more information about Dry Bean Production in Alberta, download our resource guide here.

To discuss contracting and sales opportunities, or to plan your special crops program for the next crop year, contact your local Viterra Representative or visit us at the Viterra location nearest you.

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