Oilseed Processing

Bécancour, QC

Viterra operates a state of the art canola and soybean processing and refining plant in Bécancour, Québec.  

With a crushing capacity of 1.05 million metric tonnes per year, this is the largest oilseed processing plant in Eastern Canada, and is the only major crushing and refining facility of its kind in the province of Québec. The plant produces vegetable oil destined for food and industrial markets, as well as meal for the livestock industry.

In its advantageous location at the heart of the Québec agricultural zone, the plant is easily accessible by all means of transportation. Ideally located on the St. Lawrence Seaway, it is in close proximity to Viterra’s trading office and port facility in Montreal.

Grain delivery by ship is facilitated by the plant’s proximity to the Bécancour deep-water port that is operational throughout the year. The plant also receives shipments by CN Rail.

Truck transport is also convenient by its proximity to highways 20 and 40, as well as the Laviolette Bridge, which is the only bridge crossing the St. Lawrence River between Montreal and Québec City. 

The plant crushes soybeans and canola seeds throughout the year. It produces RBD (refined, bleached and deodorised) soy and canola oil for edible oil repackers, food processors to be used in food manufacturing like bakeries, potato chips, fries, salad dressing, and margarine production mainly in the North East American market.

The facility also produces crude, degummed, and super degummed oil for bio-diesel production and feed manufacturing into North America, Europe and the South American market.

The soy and canola meal are sold to feed mills, distributors, and animal farms in North America and the European market.

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